Suffolk River Heritage, Inc.

Mission Statement
Suffolk River Heritage's mission is to advance historical knowledge and interest in the local communities of Crittenden, Hobson, Eclipse, Bennett's Creek and Suffolk. The foundation will accomplish this goal by collecting and publishing primary source material and oral history memoirs of its villagers. SRH will be a repository for the collected historic documents.

Suffolk River Heritage, Inc. will document, share and perpetuate the history, experiences and contributions of the historic watermen and agricultural community.

Suffolk River Heritage History
SRH was organized by Karla Smith in 2005 (formerly
CE & H Foundation) with the purpose of documenting, sharing and perpetuating the history, experiences and contributions of our historic watermen and farmers.

A board of directors was established and the foundation was incorporated in 2006. The foundation's first project was the creation of the book The River Binds Us. Many people in the community joined in the effort and the book was published in 2007. All copies were sold and a second printing was authorized by the board in 2011. Copies of the second printing of
The River Binds Us are now available.

Board of Directors
Karla M. Smith - Chairman
Virginia L. Bagnell - Vice-Chairman
Adele C. Brooks - Treasurer
Mary K. Canada - Secretary
Karen S. Hazelwood - Secretary

Board of Advisors
Barb Bass
Joe Bass
Dorothy Davis
Amber Davis
Wyatt Davis
Cathy Newman Darden
Betsy Daughtry
Jean Hodges
Hinton D. Hurff
Greg Parker
Jane Schaubach
Larry Saint
Cheryl Sawyer
Phyllis Speidell
John H. Sheally II
Sydney E. Tabor

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